Uitsig – Founder Member

As with all charity organisations they are started because of a need and in particular the passion for which ‘those in need’ appeal to you, a vocation and an inner calling to help.  In this case it is no different as Denay Saunders, the founder member of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, found her desire to maintain the dignity and respect of animals that came across her path, was the initial sentiment to ‘make a plan’ to help.

“By making your passion work to help a cause and to then join that with another passion so that it helps others, is the foundation of caring, our aim is to change lives ONE by ONE”

Founded in 2009, Denay, a then veterinarian assistant, whose intention was a short-term alternative to euthanasia of abandoned and surrendered animals.

That which Denay first thought would be a small boarding kennel affording time for those looking to find a new home has turned into a safe haven for a variety of animals.  It is Denay’s tenacious nature and determined spirit that refuses to take “No” for an answer that has brought Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre to where it is today.

Denay lives her life based on faith and miracles, she is a fighter for animal rights and will never back down if an animal is being abused.  Being an objective person she always tries to see the bigger picture so that the best solution is sought for the animals and will improve their lives.

One of her dreams is to eventually train some of these dogs to become companion animals.  To take these very dogs and give them a job and forever change their lives and the lives of the people they will serve.


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