One by One Project – Adopt a Cat

Once upon a time, there was a cattery on a farm called Uitsig Animal Rescue, filled with beautiful cats of all colours and sizes. All were gorgeous and loving and unique. One day, a lovely person came and adopted one of these fabulous felines. Then another person came and took two. Every day people came to the cattery and found a purrfect companion or two – or more, until eventually the cattery stood empty – all the cats had found homes. And they all lived happily ever after…

YOU can help end this story as a happily ever after. That’s what Project One By One is all about: a collaboration between FAW and our very good friends at Uitsig Animal Rescue to home ALL the adult cats (who are usually overlooked in favour of kittens)  – until all have homes and the cattery is empty. Each one is special, each one a wonderful companion.

Adult cats have purr-sonality and cat-titude! They’re surprisingly easy to integrate, and are fabulous furry friends (no housetraining required!).

Our project started after the testing of all the cats at the Uitsig cattery for FIV/leukaemia. It had been noted that by this time there had not been a single home found for these deserving and beautiful felines

So……a plan of action needed to be undertaken.

We know it’s hard to visit the cattery for many people because there are so many cats waiting for homes. That’s why we’ve set up an ‘online cattery’ where you can browse through pictures and stories of the cats until you spot one you’d like to meet. We’ve even cat-egorised them by colour (hover your cursor over Project One by One and use the drop-down menu to search). It’s PURR-FECT!

The main aspect of the project is our online cattery. With the help of some dedicated volunteers and the generosity of a local photographer, we have created a catalogue/register of all the adult cats at the Uitsig cattery and we will put them online at Facebook as and when they have undergone their second test:

For those people that don’t use facebook, the register can also be found on the FAW website:

The online cattery is a way of potential new owners browsing our needy cats and making an enquiry without the need to visit the cattery. We are dedicated to complete a home check within 48 hours and within no time you will have a new member of the family J

We have a special aspect to our project, in that each adoption will see a township cat benefitting; whether that is with a bag of food, a new bed, a litter tray or litter, we will make a change for the better on your behalf.

Every cat we home has been sterilised, vaccinated and has tested negative for FIV/leukemia.

Keep an eye on the Project because there are big things to come and your support matters……ALOT.

You can help us with fund-raising; we need funds to test all the cats and we need people to share and spread the word about our Project. Please also contact us with any questions/info you need on our beloved felines, we have a number of cat owners on hand with heaps of advice to help.

We need you to make this happen for the cats:     Be the CAT-alyst for change!


Running with Huskies

 Take a Rescue Dog for a Run

as featured in Runner’s World Magazine

Email received from Janette Jordaan, urging runners to take four-legged friends on runs with them

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre in Fisantekraal just outside of Durbanville.  The rescue centre is a pro-life organisation that rescues all types of animals.  We have a small group of dedicated walkers that exercise the dogs on Saturdays.

Unfortunately, with over 300 dogs, we don’t get close to giving them each a walk.  I’m writing to tell you about the Huskies that are currently resident at the Uitsig Animal Rescue.  The Huskies are the dogs that are probably the worst suited to the environment of a rescue organisation.  I am contacting you to see if you may have any members that might be interested in combining some of their training with that of exercising our Huskies.  It certainly will be a good workout as our Huskies are always ready to go – or perhaps you can arrange group outings/community initiatives and this may be something suitable for you to consider.  As a volunteer walker myself, I can affirm to the fact that time spent exercising the dogs at Uitsig is very good for both one’s soul and one’s soles.

It is extremely good exercise, the dogs are very good company and it is a good way to get rid of the frustrations of the week.

One of our newer volunteers via another running club is Sonja, she comes out regularly to run with the Huskies, has become passionate in her desire to help them and has also taken on the project of trying to market the Huskies in new ways in order to try and find them suitable homes as soon as possible.  As a runner herself, Sonja feels the perfect owner of a Husky is someone that is active and enjoys running.  The benefits for both runner and Husky are great.  The runner gets a wonderful running companion (and security guard) and the Husky gets all the exercise that it needs.  Sonja would like to encourage interested runners to join in with the exercising of the Huskies at Uitsig.

Should you be interested contact Sonja by email on and she will tell you about the volunteer running program and answer any questions that you may have.

Rainbow Warriors

Terence & Jimmy, now fondly known as the Rainbow Warriors took it upon themselves to walk from Amanzimtoti to Cape Town, raising funds to support pre-selected charities that are totally reliant on their community, as they are without any form of governmental funding.
The RAINBOW WARRIORS embarked on its “pay it forward” journey on the 2nd January 2013 whereby their aim was to raise funds, deliver food and equipment critical to the survival of organizations such as ours, Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre.  The journey saw the RAINBOW WALKERS walking from Amanzimtoti in Kwazulu Natal to Cape Town in the Western Cape. They travelled through Southern Kwazulu Natal, the Wild Coast, Eastern Cape, Sunshine Coast, Garden Route, Overberg and Western Cape covering a total of
1631km’s of coastline.

Beneficiary breakdown:

  1. Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation Centers including Wildlife Protection and Conservation, Awareness and Anti-Poaching 80%
  2. Orphans, the Elderly and Women and Child Abuse (Food Parcels, Blankets, Clothing and Safe Housing) 10%
  3. “Special Cases” (Funding for Individuals who are suffering with terminal or life threatening illnesses) 10%

RAINBOW WARRIORS South Africa actively supports all the extraordinary people who contribute to the protection, rescue, rehabilitation and conservation of our animals and wildlife as well as those who do humanitarian work with our elderly and children. Their  mission is to educate our children in communities through a series of Animal Care and Welfare programs using our ADOPT-A-SCHOLAR initiative which includes assistance to participating Animal Rescue Centers and Sanctuaries in close proximity to the communities. The Animal Awareness campaigns see the team manning POP (Point of Presence) centers, at shows, festivals, flea markets, and shopping centers whereby they highlight animal abuse and neglect and create awareness for animals in need.

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre welcomed Terence upon his arrival in the Western Cape  by hosting a wonderful HIGH TEA at the historic Zomerlust Guest House, Paarl on Thursday 21st March, 2013.