Sponsor One on One

We at Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre would like to offer you the tools to help even if you don’t have the space or time for a pet, we can be there for that, but we still need YOUR help to make a difference!

We have the Resources, the Knowledge and the Will, we just need help with the funding. We have many Dogs and Cats on the farm, and all these Furry ones have daily needs

How would you like to be a part of changing ONE of these animal lives?

WE NEED YOUR HELP, become a “One by One” sponsor.

  1. Choose ONE of our animals on the farm and become his / her monthly sponsor
  2. You will be kept in the loop with the animal’s progress in Rehabilitation, Adoptions etc.
  3. If this animal gets adopted you will be the first person to know and then the process of picking a new ONE starts all over again.
  4. You are also more than welcome to SPONSOR more than ONE animal.
  5. You nominate the amount

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