Wish List

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre “Wish List”

Healthcare Lifestyle TLC Operations Projects
De Wormers
Cats & Dogs
Dog Biscuits &
Tinned Dog Food
Mops, Brooms
Rakes & Spades
Diamond Mesh
Cats & Dogs
Cat Pellets &
Wheel Barrows
& Hosepipes
Purlings &
Mange Treatment
& Dip
Tinned Cat Food
(no fish content)
Tools &
Roof Beams
& Shutter Boards
Vet Quality Tick
& Flea Treatments
Tinned Kitten Food Staff Dust /
Conti Suits
Antiseptic Creams
& Lotions
Vet Quality Kitten
Food Pellets & Sachets
Cellphone Airtime
& Electricity
Straining Wire
Antibiotic Sprays Vet Quality Puppy
Food Pellets & Sachets
Vehicle Service
& Tyres
Vibracrete Slabs
& Risers
Shoo Fly Chicken Petrol Concrete Pavers
F10 Rice Cleaning Materials Roll on Lawn
Dog & Cat Shampoo 10% Meal for
Towels & Cloths Cement
Parvo & Distemper
Dog Test Kits
Oat Hay & Straw Grooming Accessories Waterproof
FelV & Fiv Cat
Test Kits
Veggies for Pigs Laundry Detergents
& Bleach
Shade Cloth 90%
Micro chips Kennels
All Sizes
Nuts & Bolts
Nails & Screws
Beds, Dogs & Cats
All Sizes
Bric n Brac for
Charity Shop
Irrigation Pipes
& Fittings
Blankets Wooden Planks
Cat Litter Corrugated
Cat Toys &
Scratch Posts
Paving Bricks
Dog & Cat Bowls Flower Pots
Dog Collars &
Dog Leashes
Kiddie Paddling
Shells, for Dog
swimming pools

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