One by One Project – Adopt a Cat

Once upon a time, there was a cattery on a farm called Uitsig Animal Rescue, filled with beautiful cats of all colours and sizes. All were gorgeous and loving and unique. One day, a lovely person came and adopted one of these fabulous felines. Then another person came and took two. Every day people came to the cattery and found a purrfect companion or two – or more, until eventually the cattery stood empty – all the cats had found homes. And they all lived happily ever after…

YOU can help end this story as a happily ever after. That’s what Project One By One is all about: a collaboration between FAW and our very good friends at Uitsig Animal Rescue to home ALL the adult cats (who are usually overlooked in favour of kittens)  – until all have homes and the cattery is empty. Each one is special, each one a wonderful companion.

Adult cats have purr-sonality and cat-titude! They’re surprisingly easy to integrate, and are fabulous furry friends (no housetraining required!).

Our project started after the testing of all the cats at the Uitsig cattery for FIV/leukaemia. It had been noted that by this time there had not been a single home found for these deserving and beautiful felines

So……a plan of action needed to be undertaken.

We know it’s hard to visit the cattery for many people because there are so many cats waiting for homes. That’s why we’ve set up an ‘online cattery’ where you can browse through pictures and stories of the cats until you spot one you’d like to meet. We’ve even cat-egorised them by colour (hover your cursor over Project One by One and use the drop-down menu to search). It’s PURR-FECT!

The main aspect of the project is our online cattery. With the help of some dedicated volunteers and the generosity of a local photographer, we have created a catalogue/register of all the adult cats at the Uitsig cattery and we will put them online at Facebook as and when they have undergone their second test:

For those people that don’t use facebook, the register can also be found on the FAW website:

The online cattery is a way of potential new owners browsing our needy cats and making an enquiry without the need to visit the cattery. We are dedicated to complete a home check within 48 hours and within no time you will have a new member of the family J

We have a special aspect to our project, in that each adoption will see a township cat benefitting; whether that is with a bag of food, a new bed, a litter tray or litter, we will make a change for the better on your behalf.

Every cat we home has been sterilised, vaccinated and has tested negative for FIV/leukemia.

Keep an eye on the Project because there are big things to come and your support matters……ALOT.

You can help us with fund-raising; we need funds to test all the cats and we need people to share and spread the word about our Project. Please also contact us with any questions/info you need on our beloved felines, we have a number of cat owners on hand with heaps of advice to help.

We need you to make this happen for the cats:     Be the CAT-alyst for change!


Micro Chipping your Pet

Should your pet be lost or stolen this may be one of the only ways of finding them as it gives the vets and Animal Welfare Organisations who could cross their paths some way of identifying where they belong.  Every appliance we have in our home has a serial number to ensure that we can identify it so why should we fail to realise the importance of doing this for our pets that have become such an integral part of our family.

It is non-invasive, literally the size of a grain of rice and the procedure is quick, pain free and the cost is relative, no pun intended!  Organisations automatically scan animals when handed in, so if chipped they are returned sooner rather than later helping to reduce the stress to an animal of being held by strangers.

Every day I read posts from organisations that has either found a pet or been notified of one that has gone missing, and I am sad to say that these seem to be getting more and more frequent. It is frightening to say the least, and must be even more so for the animal concerned and the family searching for them.

To make matters worse, we have a criminal element in this country that feels possession is ‘nine tenths of the law’ who help themselves without fear of recrimination or remorse of ripping away from a family a beloved pet considering it a property that can be sold or used, just like an appliance.

Their mentality and thought process in doing this I don’t think I will ever be able to understand but they are out there and they will continue to do so, so now it is up to us to be vigilant and protect what is ours by every means possible.   We have to consider that where in the past dogs were considered a deterrent and protected the home they are now one of the valuable commodities that are stolen.  Whether large or small animals no-one is safe as if they can find a means to an end they will use and abuse someone we love and to live through that nightmare of ‘what if, where are they and what is happening to them’ is something we should try to avoid at all costs

Our homes, our sanctuary away from the humdrum of life are under constant threat, we are being watched coming and going so that they know when to strike.  There are spotters who go out looking for weaknesses in our defenses so that when our backs are turned we are violated, anything for a quick buck without conscience.  So what do we do…?

Firstly, Microchip your animals, have an identikit just like a passport, with a photo and description just in case G’d forbid something should happen, keep it with the inoculation card that you have from the vet.   When under the pressure of emotions it is amazing the things that we tend to forget and collars with tags can be removed.

Secondly, if your pet is missing under whatever circumstances, put up a sign on your front lawn with a picture so that passersby and your neighbours can be your ‘Eyes and Ears’ on the ground.   Contact organisations such as surrounding vets, local animal welfare organisations, breed specific organisations, and those that diligently specialise in reuniting the Lost & Found:

Missing Pets South Africa * Petfinders * Lost & Found Pets SA * Lost & Found Pets Cape Town * Pet Detective * Pet Tails * Lost & Found Pets Helderberg (all have Facebook pages)

If you know that they have been stolen, report it to your local Police Station and National Animal Welfare Task Team to know what would be required see the (Stolen report form under notes). Place an ad on Gumtree, OLX and in your local newspaper, put up flyers in shops and around your home, post it on Facebook; you will be amazed at how many people out there are willing to help.

Now for the frightening part, please do not think that your pet would be excluded because it is a small, too old, a certain type of breed or never goes anywhere without you; accidents happen and if the opportunity arises people take them!

Small dogs and cats are taken for training fighting dogs, whether thrown in to antagonise or placed to chase, puppies to bait and pedigreed breeds for fighting, if unaltered then puppy mills develop, they are even using animals as drug mules – these days it doesn’t matter who, what or why! And if they can find them wandering the roads on their own it just makes their lives easier, please secure your property and be careful

The majority of us are aware of the dog syndicates operating throughout the country, stealing dogs to smuggle over the border. These people have no empathy towards animals so be on the lookout, if you see someone with a dog and it doesn’t seem right then it probably isn’t; if possible take a picture but remembering safety first.

Please we have to start helping ourselves to help one another – start with a Microchip:  Identipet    or  Virbac Back Home or ask your vet to recommend.

Animal Behaviourist – Scotty Valadao


I have been involved with dogs my whole life and have been working in the canine profession, on a full-time basis since 2002. I have obtained accreditation from the ABC of SA™ (Animal Behaviour Consultants of SA™), am a registered behaviourist with SABCAP™ (SA Board of Professional Animal Professionals™), I am a qualified dog training instructor, endorsed to instruct Puppy Training Groups and Basic Home Obedience classes, a veterinary nutritional adviser and have completed a Basic Animal Behaviour (Canine) certificate course at Technikon Pretoria. I have completed Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience with the Animal Care College (U.K.), obtaining a distinction.

I am also qualified as a Tellington Touch Practitioner, and find that the combination of behaviour modification and Tellington TTouch brings about fantastic results. My passion is sharing this knowledge with owners, as when you understand why your dog is engaging in a particular behaviour, you then have the knowledge and tools to change that behaviour. I have a passion for working with dogs that exhibited fear and reactive behavior, as this is almost stemming from fear and the manner in which I work obtains good results.

In order to share this knowledge I am a regular guest on the Udo Carelse (previously Leigh Bennie) slot on 702 radio and the Dog Behaviour Expert on Health 24. I offer regular workshops on different aspects of canine behavioural concerns to educate owners and have completed in-depth research with storm fear phobia in dogs.

Under the auspices of the ABC of SA™, I was instrumental in starting a free general newsletter to the general public, giving them further knowledge and a wealth of information on their pets. I have passed on that responsibility due to work pressures.

I am the founder of Friends of the Dog website which offers free advice to owners of dogs on all different aspects. This launched on 14th February 2011.

Certificate: Animal Behaviour Consultant Cn (ABC of SA™)
Registered: Canine Behaviour (SABCAP™)
Certificate: Tellington T-Touch Practitioner
Certificate: Puppy Socialization & Basic Home Obedience – South African Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (SAADOI)
Certificate: Basic Animal Behaviour ( Dogs)  – Technikon Pretoria
Certificate: Louise Hay (Facilitator)
Certificate: Modern Theories of Canine Psychology, Behaviour & Obedience(Distinction) – Animal Care College,( UK)
Certificate: Veterinary Nutritional Adviser I (Hill’s)
Certificate: Clicker Training

Canine Obedience Instructor
Veterinary Nutrition Adviser (VNA)

Mobile: 082 928 0102
E-mail: scotty(at) :