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Special Offer to assist with dog food donations.

Designscape is a registered dealer of, amongst others, premium quality DogSense & Fetch Dog Food, manufactured by Nutroscience in Malmesbury.

We are passionate supporters of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, believing in their slogan “changing lives ONE by ONE” and their policy of “No euthanasia, except when the animal is suffering and cannot be rehabilitated”.

Uitsig depends strongly on donations of food and have raised a plea for donations. We have therefore decided to assist to increase donations of quality dog food to them by offering an incentive discount and to assist with the logistics of possible donors.

Effective immediately, we wish to put a more permanent ongoing procedure of assistance in place. This will firstly benefit Uitsig tremendously, and as we increase sales help us to donate more food as and when we can afford to do so.  Anybody who wants to buy a bag, or two, of  food to donate to Uitsig, may want to consider supporting us in the process and buy nutritious premium quality DogSense and/or Fetch Dog Food from us to donate

Details & Procedure:

  1. We will  arrange with Uitsig for delivery, or collection, of donated food on a regular basis. That means that you don’t even have to collect the food from us.
  2. Thus ‘no hassle, no fuss’; just send an email to for the relevant current pricing.
  3. Upon placing your donation order we will email you an invoice and you then pay via EFT, and thereafter we do the rest.
  4. Please refer to the NutroScience official website for detailed nutritional information of what is available.
  5. Designscape will then further assist by allowing you a 5% discount off the standard prices in respect of your order (food for donation AND also should you wish to simultaneously purchase food for your own dogs, the latter  which you have to collect).
  6. The complete list of food types etc. are available on our Designscape website, but to make it easier we do however suggest you to maybe consider a bag or two of the following short list for donation:
  • DogSense Adult Basic (Blue Bag) 10 kg and/or 25kg
  • FETCH Adult 10kg and/or 25kg

We thank you on behalf of Uitsig & ourselves for your support


Raw Necessities Animal Nutrition

Passion for the health of our pets has led Raw Necessities on a journey to discovering the benefits of feeding raw meat and bones to our dogs and one willing cat.  As the research progressed the difference was seen and, we wondered how we could ever have been so blinded and brain washed.

In our technology based lifestyles and sanitised homes its almost inconceivable for us to think that our pets should get raw bloody meat, but how quickly we have forgotten that our pets originated from the wild and not so long ago were domesticated from wolves and wild cats; predators who kill, rip and tear their prey.

We continually review our diets, knowing from science and experience that processed food lead to all forms of ailments, allergies and cancer. Chemicals in our food and in our home environment has been directly linked to causing cancer, yet we are willing to give our pets, processed, chemically preserved brown wheat based pellets promised by the supplier to be “balanced”

Raw Necessities Food for Dogs

Nature provides us with the ideal diet for domesticated dogs are the same as we find in wild relatives, like the wolf and wild dog which feed mostly on other animals. Their diet consists of meat, bones and some animal organs.

In our culture and suburbia it is difficult to feed as in the wild but we can get very close to this by feeding chunks of raw meat with bones and some organs, the ideal is to feed our dogs a variety of meat such as lamb, chicken and most other red meats and poultry.

South Africa’s raw red meat products are quite expensive and it is not possible for most people to buy a lamb or beef rib or neck for their animals but chicken is quite affordable and there are many success stories of dog owners feeding only chicken to their animals, table scraps are also fine but no processed foods or cooked bones as bones become brittle when cooked.

Why Raw Feed?

  • Carnivores: Dogs are physiologically the same as wolves. They differ in their gene sequences by only 1 – 2%. Designed to eat various prey species they have very strong stomach acids (dogs have a pH of 1 with food in the stomach compared to a humans pH of 4 – 5) and a short digestive tract. The dog’s digestive tract is 1/3 to 1/2 the length of a human. This is because they are designed to eat raw meat and bones, not grains like an herbivore such as a cow, or an omnivore, such as a human. If dogs were meant to eat corn, wheat, soy or rice, they’d be built internally like a cow or sheep or even a human, with a long digestive tract.
  • Enzymes: Raw food contains enzymes, cooked and processed food does not. Without digestive enzymes even the most nutritious foods will not be of any use to the body. Pet’s diets (full of processed food and foods unnatural to them) strain the digestive system. If our pets have inadequate amounts of digestive enzymes they will have a number of health problems including but not limited to; a weak immune system, arthritis, allergies, coat condition problems, lack of energy, excessive gas, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, digestive disorders, food allergies, hot spots, loose stool, consumption of their own stool, foul breath, body odour and even cancer.
  • Teeth and GumsChewing on chunks of meat is not only stimulating to your dog but clean their teeth and gums (Natures Toothbrush) and will prevent gum disease, in turn gum disease can lead to other organ damage.

What the Raw Meaty Bones Diet should consist of

Please do your own research, there are multiple websites available. Here are some of the basics food types and quantities for raw feeding.

  • A meat to bone ratio is one of the most essential parts for successful raw feeding and excellent health for your animals as both protein and calcium are essential to a dog’s well-being.
  • Whole eggs (include the shell to maintain the balance), fish, internal organs such as gizzards and liver (no more than 2 servings a week) and green tripe.
  • Table scraps are also fine for your dog, but avoid cooked meat and processed foods, you can give the left over cooked veggies but we believe this is not necessary and please do not bulk your dogs much needed protein with vegetables.
  • For adult dogs, feed 2-3 % of their body weight. Use your eyes, if your dog is picking up weight reduce the quantity, dependent on your dog’s lifestyle adjust accordingly.
  • For puppies feed 2-3% of their ideal weight as adults. Puppies tend not to overeat when on the raw food diet

Raw Necessities Dog Food Available in Cape Town

The quality of our food is very important to us and therefore, we only source from the best producers.

All Our Chicken Products are:


Imagine – Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre

Just close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to feel
That the whole world is against you, a kind hand surreal

The fear that drives you forward but also holds you back
As any sudden movement could mean some form of attack

Where food and water eludes you, so you scavenge what you can
As you need to feed your hunger but can’t rely on man

Your thoughts are for your safety underlined with primal fear
As whom can you turn to, to trust to get you out of here?

You’re tired, your eyes are heavy and you just want to sleep
But for you that’s a luxury as you need to constantly peep

You’re body’s sore and broken but you have to soldier on
As in the eyes of others it is you that’s in the wrong

There’s one thing that keeps you going, your spirit deep inside
That tells you in a moment there will be no need to hide

The inner voice that instils your faith, the need to carry on
The belief that something good will follow keeps your heart so strong

That gentle words will be spoken, a kind hand to touch your face
As out there, there is somewhere, a very special place

Who are changing lives ONE by ONE, with care and even fun
So you can run freely and have your place in the sun



An Impassioned Plea – Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre

Everywhere we look there is an outcry to help save something, whether animal, plant or child, someone is trying to highlight a cause.  So many carry the gauntlet for another and it is not only in our own back yard or town; there is an outcry in every country across the world.  It’s representative of society today and it makes one wonder whether we actually stand a chance of getting it right.  This is why we are reaching out to you, to get an anonymous response to an ageless question “can you help?”

Animal Welfare; with so many organisations you learn of the atrocities and impossible situations that brought them to be and that have thankfully been overcome but there are also those who are only guilty by circumstance of birth, being too old or the novelty of their existence having worn off, the ‘throw away’ pet.

If we are lucky they are handed over with numerous excuses as to why they must be taken in, otherwise they are dumped alongside the road, shooed away or left to fend for themselves.  This is where Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre has stepped up to the plate, to welcome with open arms and offer sanctuary.  Uitsig Animal Rescue is an organisation that has created a safe space for animals in need without placing any onus on circumstance of how they came to be there.

Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is situated in Joostenbergvlakte approximately 40 klm from Cape Town, bordering on the edge of Fisantekraal in the Republic of South Africa.

The Centre rents approximately 12 hectares of the original Uitsig Farm from Garden City Properties who purchased the property 13 years ago, the land has been earmarked for low income housing in the future but no dates have been given.

The Centre’s mission is to give sanctuary to animals in need ensuring their welfare and wellbeing, and ultimately finding new homes with loving families.  They strive to better the lives of neglected and abused animals; and animals living that do not have the same privileges as others due to the economics of this country.

For anyone the burden of responsibility would be great, for Denay Saunders, founder member, it is personal as one can see with her ‘no nonsense’ approach that as soon as they arrive at the Centre and they are under her care they become family.  There is no glitz or glamour, just the will to make it work and this is instilled in all staff members when they come on board and with such the Uitsig family has grown.

Over and above supplying the basic needs of food, water, shelter and care, all dogs and cats are sterilised to help combat the current overpopulation as statistics show that with things are they are one animal can produce through their bloodline an average of 100,000 offspring in just a five year period.  Secondly, on average 100,000 dogs and cats are being destroyed in the same amount of time!

Living on the farm precautionary treatments are given on a monthly basis as a preventative rather than cure.  Upon arrival all animals are examined, treated, vaccinated and de-wormed this then becomes part of a monthly health care routine.  The Centre provides the basic needs and endeavours to give ‘care’ to the animals but having such vast numbers it proves difficult to give ‘time’ to that one ingredient so inherent to man, namely Love.  There is nothing that competes with the feeling of love, we’ve all been there and know how important it is to feel that we belong, and that we have finally ‘come home’.  Animals are no different, especially the dog…

Therefore education concerning diet, health, training and breeding are areas in which Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre has set up programs to reach out to the communities so that their motto of “changing lives ONE by ONE” cover the adage of “one man and his dog!”.

It is the Centre’s mission to re-home the majority of animals through adoption.  Rehabilitation is of the utmost importance to ensure that once an animal has been placed in a home it is a match that is permanent to prevent any further trauma of rejection.  A qualified Animal Behaviourist is available for back up support to assist with the settling in period, aftercare and follow up on-line access.

Furthermore, Uitsig wishes to create work opportunity by training in the making of animal friendly products, placing the onus on craft as it is the Centre’s intention to show them ‘how to fish’, for example; kennels can be made from an old car tyre, a dog bed from a worn-out sweatshirt!

Sadly, the public today seems to be stimulated to action through tragedy; but depicting a sad story to get a response is against all that the Centre stands for.  Uitsig prefers celebration to degradation, to show an outcome of what is achieved is to share a smile, a knowing that they have kept their promise and they have done what was intended.  Uitsig concentrates on bringing public interaction to the Centre through volunteer programs hoping to instill a sense of wanting to become part of “our family and other animals”, so that it becomes recognised as part of the community.

Alas in today’s economic time this could be seen as a romantic notion as without the relevant funding such an ‘open door’ policy could lead to jeopardising that which has already been achieved.  It has therefore proven imperative to look for regular funding and support to cover the basic monthly overheads.  Public and Corporate donations are vital, as to run such an establishment is very expensive and its existence can only be afforded through assistance.

There is no easy way of saying this, but Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre are reaching out for additional funding as the Centre continues to grow and so do their costs.  They are looking for assistance whether for a specific animal, food, health care or product, as everything helps.

Adopt or Sponsor

Sponsor or Donate

Donate or Volunteer

Volunteer or Educate

Educate or just spread the word