Pet Welfare SA

Pet Welfare SA is a multi-purpose non-profit company that was started in October 2012. Their main goal is to lessen the stresses that animal welfares in South Africa have by finding funds, donations and sponsorships on the organisation’s behalf. Currently Pet Welfare SA sponsor 9 animal welfares in South Africa with the aim that as funding increases, so will the number of welfares supported.

Currently they sponsor the following welfares:

  • 4Paws in Fourways, Johannesburg
  • Angel’s Refuge in Mafikeng
  • Ark Animal Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg
  • FORA in Klerksdorp
  • Hellen – working in the Community in the Turfontein and Naturena Areas
  • The Lucky Lucy Foundation in Cape Town
  • Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre in Cape Town
  • Wolfshaven Animal Sanctuary on the East Rand in Johannesburg
  • Woodrock Animal Rescue in Hartbeespoort

Pet Welfare SA strives to become a one-stop-spot for all animal welfare needs including education, job creation and helping the welfares become self-sustaining sanctuaries for the many unwanted dogs and cats in South Africa.

They have a website that is slowly becoming a go-to place when people are looking for a new pet. They list animals up for adoption for the welfares that are supported, with articles that the public can read to educate themselves. Current and future projects as well as how the public can help the welfares on our list.

With utmost passion for the survival of pets and animal welfare organizations, Pet Welfare SA will ensure that animal welfare in South Africa becomes a joint effort where everybody succeeds. Help is always available when needed as well as professionalism and based on a knowledgeable foundation.

Contact Details:

Nicola Dee van Ass
Pet Welfare SA
Reg No: 2012/180351/08
Tel: 083 309 0400
Fax: 086 260 7345


Designscape, Nutroscience Pet Food

Special Offer to assist with dog food donations.

Designscape is a registered dealer of, amongst others, premium quality DogSense & Fetch Dog Food, manufactured by Nutroscience in Malmesbury.

We are passionate supporters of Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, believing in their slogan “changing lives ONE by ONE” and their policy of “No euthanasia, except when the animal is suffering and cannot be rehabilitated”.

Uitsig depends strongly on donations of food and have raised a plea for donations. We have therefore decided to assist to increase donations of quality dog food to them by offering an incentive discount and to assist with the logistics of possible donors.

Effective immediately, we wish to put a more permanent ongoing procedure of assistance in place. This will firstly benefit Uitsig tremendously, and as we increase sales help us to donate more food as and when we can afford to do so.  Anybody who wants to buy a bag, or two, of  food to donate to Uitsig, may want to consider supporting us in the process and buy nutritious premium quality DogSense and/or Fetch Dog Food from us to donate

Details & Procedure:

  1. We will  arrange with Uitsig for delivery, or collection, of donated food on a regular basis. That means that you don’t even have to collect the food from us.
  2. Thus ‘no hassle, no fuss’; just send an email to for the relevant current pricing.
  3. Upon placing your donation order we will email you an invoice and you then pay via EFT, and thereafter we do the rest.
  4. Please refer to the NutroScience official website for detailed nutritional information of what is available.
  5. Designscape will then further assist by allowing you a 5% discount off the standard prices in respect of your order (food for donation AND also should you wish to simultaneously purchase food for your own dogs, the latter  which you have to collect).
  6. The complete list of food types etc. are available on our Designscape website, but to make it easier we do however suggest you to maybe consider a bag or two of the following short list for donation:
  • DogSense Adult Basic (Blue Bag) 10 kg and/or 25kg
  • FETCH Adult 10kg and/or 25kg

We thank you on behalf of Uitsig & ourselves for your support