Uitsig – Vision

Since opening the numbers have continued to grow and with it so has the plans to accommodate the needs of those in residence. For every adopted animal another takes its place, it is an arduous task with the circle constantly repeating itself. To date, the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre is housing over 300 dogs and nearly 100 cats plus other animals.

As Uitsig is also Denay’s place of residence, it is important to her to create as near as possible a home-type atmosphere, so camps have been set up where the dogs and cats can socialise in a pack-like environment as interaction is the basis of family.

Shelter and care is provided for maltreated, abused, stray animals or those that are simply lost until a new home can be found. Uitsig Animal Rescue has a dedicated staff whose main concern is the welfare and well-being of the animals. It is the Centre’s vision to re-home the majority of animals through adoption. Rehabilitation is of the utmost importance and to ensure that once an animal has been placed in a home it is a match that is permanent.


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