Paws for a Cause – Adoption Day

Trigger, owner of Cape Garden Designs always had a passion for animals (especially the abandoned, neglected and abused) he started to volunteer at numerous shelters and after many years of trying to find what would be the most beneficial way in helping animal shelters he kept coming back to find that their prime key problem even after funding, was finding the animals new forever homes.

This is where and how Paws for a Cause started, with Cape Garden Designs sponsoring most of what Paws have created, an event where various organisations can bring their animals to the public as most people try and avoid shelters due to seeing all the homeless, Paws for a Cause make this a fun and exciting event for all ages to view and interact with all the orphans at the Adoption Weekend, this to today has only been a huge success as at almost every Adoption Weekend, animals find their forever homes.

Volunteers are also sought to help with the animals on the adoption days and people who want to become involved or help over the weekend can send an email to Alischa at



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