PerdePret – Horseplay

Perdepret, Equine Assisted Psychotherapy – pairing horses with people to overcome emotional issues, conditions and physical trauma.

Hans Human and Anneke Gouws are two individuals passionate about giving back to the community, whose focus is to facilitate the interaction between horses and individuals, those individuals who do not normally have the opportunity to do so.

While working with horses, we reap the benefits that are presented through different equine therapy practices.  

Having access to the 10 horses stabled at the Uitsig Animal Rescue Centre, Fisantekraal,  one horse is paired with one leader and one individual for the duration of the session. The sessions are flexible, allowing that time to best serve the unique needs of the individual. Instead of being lost in a group, each person is nurtured by a leader who shares in his or her individual tears and victories. All of this is done free of charge.

It is the hope that through hands-on experience, people, especially children, will learn the values of life, family, faith, and trust. They in turn, teach us true resilience and the remarkable wonder of life.

The horses at Uitsig have been rescued from abuse or life threatening neglect.  These extraordinary horses, each have their own stories of triumph and hope, who holistically balance and love interacting with people and accept each individual for who they are.


  • Horses are herd animals and intuitive beings
  • They respond instinctively; they have the ability to mirror/reflect back to us inconsistent behaviour, as well as body language.
  • Through this we become more aware of what we reflect to the outside world.
  • Horses are honest
  • They are acutely perceptive, totally honest and have no hidden agendas.

The current project is facilitating interaction between horses and children from Durbanville Children’s home.


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