Husky Runners

Janette Jordaan hatched the idea to try and attract runners from nearby running clubs, to come out on Saturdays to exercise the fifteen or so huskies that are resident at Uitsig. Emails were sent to all the running clubs and a few runners were recruited, one of them being Sonja Swanevelder.

Sonja is passionate about exercising the huskies and about promoting them to potential adopters. At her suggestion, a further email was sent out to running clubs a few months later and we have now attracted a nice group of runners that regularly come out to Uitsig to run with the huskies on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

One of our dedicated runner volunteers even started a Facebook group for the Uitsig Huskies. We hope it will give our huskies even more exposure for possible adoptions, as well as inviting other runners to come and run with the huskies and the other high energy mixed-breed dogs at Uitsig.

Should you be interested in joining please contact Sonja on

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